State of Art Technologies

at Hobson Dental Associates We Are Committed To The Latest Technologies For Improving Dental Health. There Are Very Few Dental Offices That Have Made The Commitment To The High Level Of Dental Care Made Possible By These Technologic Advances.


Hobson Dental his purchased two NOVAERUS NV 900 plasma air filters. This state of the Art filtration units used electrostatic plasma technology to filter airborne nanoparticles including VIRUS DEACTIVATION. This units are used in Hospital Operating room.


We are one of less than 2% of general dental offices with 3D xray technology. This fantastic machine gives unparalleled diagnostic accuracy and is the equivalent of a CAT Scan

This is a sample of the amazing high quality images from our 3D X-Ray unit. The images can be used for extremely accurate diagnosis and measurements accurate to .01mm. The images are used for oral surgery, implants, and endodontics.

Dr. DeWeirdt is one of less than 1% of general dentists using microscope technology. Dr. DeWeirdt uses three microscopes in his practice. He is the only general dentist in Illinois with a microscope in each treatment room. The dental operating microscope allows highly magnified views of teeth and oral structures. This allows for extremely accurate diagnosis and conservative treatment meaning a longer lasting results with less pain during and after the procedure.

This is a magnified view of front teeth as seen through the dental operating microscope.

Dr. DeWeirdt has been a consultant, speaker, and key-opinion leader for Zeiss, the world-leader in optics and optical equipment, for over 10 years.


Our newest generation X-Ray sensors reduce radiation and increase diagnostic accuracy. Our digital panoramic system can produce diagnostic quality X-Rays without an uncomfortable in the mouth sensor.


Dr. DeWeirdt uses Fluorescence for Cavity Detection. Dr. DeWeirdt is one of a handful of dentist in United States to have this technology.


Dr. DeWeirdt uses advanced laser technology to reduce pain and decrease healing time. In fact, Dr. DeWeirdt has two lasers available to fine-tune the therapy for the specific situation.


We use the Kavo Diagnodent laser cavity detection for accurate diagnosis. Many times we can save patients from unnecessary fillings using this technology.


Hobson Dental Associates uses Hu-Friedy individual procedure cassettes to maintain a sterile working field. In combination with high-tech autoclaves (sterilizers), licensed medical waste disposers, and barriers we maintain the safest and cleanest environment possible to protect you and your family.

We use a paperless software system to minimize cross contamination. Dental charts are the number 1 source of cross-contamination in dental offices. Eliminating charts makes your visit at Hobson Dental safer.

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  • "Thank you! You truly are a magician! My teeth look and feel great! You and your staff were kind, competent, and understanding. Thank you!"
    Thelma W.
  • "My family and I have been going to Hobson Dental and Dr. DeWeirdt for many, many years. The service is always amazing, and the staff treat us like family!! I highly recommend Hobson Dental!!"
    Lara K.
  • "My whole family comes here and we love it! The staff are all so nice and caring. I love that it feels like a small town dental office; they remember you each and every time. Dr Deweirdt is an excellent dentist. He’s thorough and doesn’t rush into rash decisions about procedures."
    Allison C.
  • "Excellent service from the moment I walked in the door!! My family and I found our new dentist. Dr. Deweirdt is awesome!! He answered all my questions and provided remarkable feedback. Most importantly I was pleased with his work!"
    Margaret J.
  • "I have been going to Hobson Dental for almost 30 years. Pleasant, professional and courteous staff. Dr. Deweirdt knows his patients and families. I highly recommend Hobson Dental if you’re looking for a dentist."
    Melissa A.
  • "Dr. DeWeirdt is hilarious, which makes you look forward to each visit. But he’s also very good at what he does, so you know you will be treated right. Staff is friendly, good hours to fit your schedule. Have referred family and friends there, many times."
    Zach G.
  • "Dr. D and his staff are incredible. I can honestly say I Love ❤️ going to my dentist. He and his staff make you feel at home. Dr. D eliminates the stress and anxiety that can come with visiting the dentist. THEY ARE SUPERB!!!"
  • "I have been going to Hobson Dental since I was in college, 25 plus years. Dr Dewierdt is the BEST, great bedside manner and just a really good guy! He also knows his stuff. The staff at Hobson Dental has also been wonderful throughout the years from the Dental assistants, dental hygienists to the front desk. Highly recommend if you are looking for a new Dentist."
    Anne S.
  • "Entire office is friendly. Hygenist Heidi was gentle and thorough. Always make me feel comfortable.
    I have been a patient for several years."
  • "Can't say enough great things about Hobson Dental. Great dentistry, they listen and truly understand their patients needs. Dr Glen DeWeirdt is fantastic and so personable. 100 star rating from me!!"
    Sue C.
  • "Great dentist. Dr Glen deweirdt is wonderful. They are all so caring and understanding. They make you feel comfortable and relaxed. My experience was nothing but the best. Would highly recommend Hobson dental to everyone."
    David M.
  • "Great dental care provider. Been coming here for years. Hygienists are nice and careful. Dr D is the best and does awesome work!! You will be well cared for."
    Mike G.